Flexicell FlexiWrap SLM Acoustic Barrier

Material: Convoluted PU foam bonded to a flexible MLV-mass loaded vinyl acoustic barrier with pure aluminium foil.
Weight: 5kg/m2 ± 5%
Width: 1350mm
Length: 2.5m and 5m

The acoustic insulation can be utilised as a duct liner inside any air duct, water pipe line or tank.

Flexicell FlexiWrap SLM can be used on:
Pipes – It is an effective solution for waste water pipes and all other pipes that require a sound absorption solution as they are engineered to meet the building code.

Flexicell FlexiWrap SLM – is suitable to be used in both ducting and ventilations application, providing excellent reduction of sound propagation.

Walls/Ceilings – suitable to be utilised in walls and ceilings as an acoustic barrier as it prevents sound transmission from indoors and outdoors.

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Acoustic Performance – Use of a specially engineered flexible acoustic barrier provides excellent reduction in noise transmission.
Durability – An aluminium foil barrier provides excellent protection to the product once installed
Flexibility – Use of a very flexible foam combined with an acoustic barrier allows for ease of installation in all applications.
Long Lasting Performance

Required Accessories:

  • FlexiCell Alupet Tape.


  • Highly flexible allowing swift installation
  • Designed to be used in multiple applications
  • Fibre free non-irritant product, requiring no special equipment for protection
  • Low VOC emissions complying with building standards.

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FlexiCell Insulation Division is an innovative supplier of various insulation products including polyolefin and elastomeric insulation available to the HVAC and Building industry across Australia.

All FlexiCell products are manufactured according to British, American and other International standards and undergo rigorous testing procedures before they are distributed to the market.

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