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FlexiCell, a premium insulation brand with an extensive product line comes with closed cell chemically cross linked polyolefin, elastomeric thermal insulation foam, sound proofing foam and roof insulation solutions which can be applied in a myriad of applications.

FlexiCell is a division of Hira Industries LLC, a leading manufacturer. Developed 30+ years ago, Hira Industries LLC is widely recognised and specialises in selling and manufacturing HVAC products, Hira Industries LLC recently introduced FlexiCell in Australia to distribute a premium range of insulation products with multiple purposes.


FlexiCell XLPE Polyolefin Thermal Insulation

Flexicell cross-linked polyolefin foam appropriate for thermal insulation purposes, condensation control and mechanical protection.


FlexiCell NBR Flexible Elastomeric Thermal Insulation 

Flexicell flexible elastomeric foam appropriate for condensation control, thermal insulation and sound absorption.


FlexiCell Reflect Roofing Insulation Solution

Easy to install and fibre free, appropriate to provide superior thermal performance, improved energy efficiency, condensation control and an effective water and vapour barrier. FlexiCell reflective insulation products work by reducing heat transfer in various ways.


FlexiCell FlexiWrap Sound Acoustic Insulation

Solid flexible rubber appropriate for rendering high performance as a sound barrier, as the product itself or along with other FlexiCell products. It offers aesthetic look and clean conditions while also being suitable for reducing sound propagation coming from various sources.

All products are fully customisable in terms of lamination, coating and conversion according to the customers request. The products comply with the most comprehensive and important standards required by the insulation industry.

If you are one of our loyal clients, we thank you for having reposed your confidence in FlexiCell. If you are looking for a partner to address your requirements related to insulation solutions, we would be delighted to become a part of your business.

About Us

FlexiCell Insulation Division is an innovative supplier of various insulation products including polyolefin and elastomeric insulation available to the HVAC and Building industry across Australia.

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