Flexicell N Clad Tape

Flexi cell N Clad Tape is a zero permeability, multi-layered laminate with a strong reinforced backing coated with an aggressive cross-linked acrylic adhesive. The tape is laminated with a high strength white release liner. This product has superior resistance to extreme weather conditions. This product is designed for use as a barrier for insulation cladding applications.

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  • Used in a variety of insulation cladding applications
  • Providing weather resistance to the insulation tubes
  • Can provide as a strong protective layer also
  • Used for indoor & outdoor applications.


  • Strong adhesion in hot, cold and humid temperature conditions
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Can be used under very cold temperature conditions also
  • Good flexibility and conformability
  • High strength and tear resistance ensuring longevity and durability
  • Easy to cut and install on-site, special tools are not required
  • Good resistance to permeability and acts as a great barrier for the insulation cladding applications.

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FlexiCell Insulation Division is an innovative supplier of various insulation products including polyolefin and elastomeric insulation available to the HVAC and Building industry across Australia.

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Name: Darren Read

Mob: +61 419 701 375
Email: enquiry@flexicell.com.au

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