Acoustic Floor Underlay AeroSound SF & ESF– Acoustic Underlay

AeroSound SF (silent floor) underlay by FlexiCell comprises of cross linked closed cell polyolefin foam and the material used in ESF is flexible elastomeric rubber foam which has medium density underlay that can be utilised in all floating floor applications.

AeroSound SF and ESF underlay is specially created to decrease the impact of sound in floating floor systems, it is designed in a manner so that it can be used in both commercial and residential buildings. The product aims to reduce the sound propagation levels that is generated. The traditional application of the product involves the separation of the base floor made of concrete from final screed or screed derived from final finishing, used in corners (between wall and floor) for the same purpose.

The AeroSound SF and ESF (Acoustic Floor Underlay) are designed to provide an effective acoustic insulation solution to reduce noise transmission. They provide excellent noise block out performance resulting in acoustic comfort for various structures. The noise caused due to walking, jumping, bouncing or pulling are absorbed.

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FlexiCell SF
Material: chemically cross linked closed cell polyethylene
Density: 30 kg/m³ ± 2
Thickness:   3 mm / 5 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm / 12 mm / 15 mm
Width: 1.2 m
Length: 10 – 20 m (depends on foam thickness)
Colour: blue / Grey
*Other thicknesses available upon request.

FlexiCell ESF
Material: closed cell flexible elastomeric foam
Density: =>70 kg/m³ ± 2
Thickness:  6 mm / 10 mm / 19 mm / 25 mm
Width: 1 m
Length: 6 – 20 m (depends on foam thickness)
Colour: black
*Other thicknesses available upon request.


AeroSound SF and ESF acoustic floor underlay can be used in various applications for example,

  • Layer between screed and construction slab.
  • Underlay for carpets, timber wood and stone finishing.



  • Reduce the sound transmission to the lower levels and construction of the building.
  • Reduce structural noise and vibrations.
  • Durable – tear and compression resistant.
  • Cross linked closed cell structure makes it water and moisture resistant, no additional barrier or treatment needed.
  • Chemical resistance – resistant to most chemicals and acids.
  • Excellent resistance for fungus, moulds and bacteria, suitable for medical facilities.
  • Inbuilt water vapour barrier.



  • Protects your health – non-toxic, non-allergen, mould and fungi resistant.
  • Water and moisture resistant.
  • Eliminates odour.
  • Light and easy to handle and install.
  • Robust and easy to transport.
  • Non-collapsing structure.


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