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AeroSound LX, LN – Acoustic Duct Liners
AeroSound LX Acoustic Liner by FlexiCell is a flexible product made of cross-linked semi open cell polyolefin foam with or without pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. This high performance product is developed to reduce the pressure of sound within air ducts. The applications of this product include silencers, operating cabins, decompression boxes and all kinds of casing. Apart from being extremely safe and easy to install, the duct liner provides excellent sound reduction properties. The material of the AeroSound Acoustic duct liner provides a fire resistant durable covering that successfully eliminates sound propagation.

AeroSound LN Acoustic Liner comprises of flexible elastomeric foam which is a semi open cell structure. This product has a long technical life due to the high levels of chemical and biological resistance. It is suitable for its sound absorption properties and for providing thermal insulation.

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Thickness (15mm, 25mm) + Size (1,2x20m & 1.2 x 2.4m)
  • Both products are available as Self-Adhesive
  • Other thickness are available upon request
The acoustic insulation can be utilised as a duct liner inside any air duct, water pipe line or tank.

  • Sound absorption – semi-open cell structure allows effective absorption of air-borne sound across a broad frequency range
  • Sound transmission loss – high air flow resistance offers beneficial sound transmission loss properties
  • Vibration damping – dampen or deaden resonance effects in metal panel work; no “re-radiation” effects
  • Can be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive backing for ease of installation.

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FlexiCell Insulation Division is an innovative supplier of various insulation products including polyolefin and elastomeric insulation available to the HVAC and Building industry across Australia.

All FlexiCell products are manufactured according to British, American and other International standards and undergo rigorous testing procedures before they are distributed to the market.

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